We’re the place to regain strength, agility, and confidence… the spot to train with friends in a therapeutic, supportive setting…the site where cares are washed away. Except this time, it’s not about YOU!

Welcome to YAPPY PLACE…central Kentucky’s canine-only 4300 SF indoor enrichment and wellness center.

Our Services


Whether you use your tub, kitchen sink, or shower, let’s face it: Bathing a dog at home can get a little (ahem) hairy. Our automated machines allow you to comfortably and efficiently wash your dog. No more leaning over a tub, handling messy shampoo bottles, chasing a wet dog around the house or watching the rubber duckie become a chew toy!

Aquatic Activities

Move or lose it isn’t just for humans anymore. Our aquatic therapy can help minimize pain while improving your dog’s strength, muscular endurance, cardio-respiratory capacity, range of motion, agility and psychological well-being. Sorry. The aquatic treadmill and pool are for dogs only. But we can give you the directions to the nearest YMCA!


It’s possible to mentally stimulate your dog without leaving your TV tuned to the Animal Planet channel all day! Our Amusement Bark’s activities and agility equipment will invigorate your dog both physically AND mentally. One dog? Several? Need some one-on-one training? Step right up to our Amusement Bark and reboot your pet’s intellectual needs!

It's A Party!

Celebrate Yappy Birthdays in our special events space! 

All the cool kids are enjoying out-of-the-house birthday parties, and now you and your dog(s) can, too!

After all, there are legitimate reasons parents don’t have at-home parties:  They don’t want to clean the house before and after… off-site locations can hold more guests…and, no weather-related issues! 

You can also reserve our space to celebrate notable dog moments such as “Gotcha Day”…hosting an expectant dog’s puppy shower…or, after a loss, perhaps you need a spot where friends can offer support.

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